Monday, August 15th 2022    8:39 PM EDT 
Free online tools for tracking your exercise goals
Another BETA project
from your friends at DCRE Labs...

Membership Information

This website provides free online tools to help you track your exercise routine and reach your personal health goals using an innovative goal-tracking approach, instead of targetting weight loss or BMI. This "100 in 100" approach to fitness starts with a baseline goal of gradually building up to being able to 100 repetitions of an exercise in 100 days. You can choose which exercises (and the number of days, 100 is just a suggestion), then log in each day to see your unique workout routine for the day, enter your daily totals and see how far you've come towards your goal!
Additional services are available for paying members. Two levels of currently available to the public: Silver memberships are geared towards individuals who are serious about tracking and imrpoving their exercise workouts and may want to workout with others to help stay on track. Gold memberships are designed for dedicated individuals, small- and medium-sized groups who are working towards larger overall health goals. Gold memberships are often used by companies as teambuilding competitions, improving the general health and wellness for their departments and to provide a common health and fitness toolset for their employees.
There is no fee for services during the BETA phase of this project. Registered BETA testers may be rewarded with Silver memberships at the conclusion of this phase.
Number of exercises available 10 sets
Basic Workout Exercises
30 sets
10 basic
20 advanced
50 sets
(includes option to enter your own exercises)
Exercise tracking 10 30 50
Daily Workout Plans 10 30 50
Daily Workout Sheets Online Online
Email reminders
Reward Tracking Online Online
Eligible for prizes
Eligible for prizes
Group Rewards/Cash prizes
Virtual Workout Buddies - Yes Yes
Web Profile - Yes Yes
Automatic Results Posting - Yes Yes
Trophy Case - 30 50
Message/Posting - Yes Yes
Virtual Workout Teams - - Yes
Weekly Results Posting - - Yes
Competition/Prizes - - Yes
Customized Reports - - Yes
Newsletter Subscription - - Yes
Pricing N/A during BETA phase N/A during BETA phase N/A during BETA phase
(Group discounts are available)