Monday, August 15th 2022    8:33 PM EDT 
Free online tools for tracking your exercise goals
Another BETA project
from your friends at DCRE Labs...
This document details the changes being implemented during the current code update.-staff Update as of 2/15/12:
  • Corrected / Improved Chart Rendering engine
  • Added ability to display charts only or charts with dta (reports)
  • Corrected charting errors on cumulative charts to show "idle" days
  • Corrected charting errors on cumulative days to show accurate counts
  • Added ability to do bulk updates (enter last 7 days' totals on single screen)
  • Update as of 4/2/07:
  • Mail reminder feature added
    Registered users now have the option to send a daily or weekly target list to their email account. The report mails the "Today's Target" report and provides links back to update your daily exercise totals.
  • Update as of 1/10/07:
  • Website launched!
    The marketing department launched the website today, they'll be running ads and press releases throughout January. Development will shift to a non-production system but beta tester account will be migrated over there as well. If you wish to continue in th beta program, contact your Jinkle rep (or let us know through the comment page.
  • Update as of 1/9/07:
  • Profiles now include two new options:
    1. E-mail addresses are now part of the user profile
    2. an option to send automated Daily Target reports to the address on file
  • The Today's Target section now has an option to email the current report to the email address on file.
  • The schedule code is currently broken was broken, we think we've fixed it, please let us know if you find otherwise.
  • Update as of 9/1/06:
  • The report section is now online and tracks past performance and workout data. It also brings back the "levels" theme of progress.
  • Automatic registration hbas been approved.
  • Additional exercises are being considered, please send email to support@jinkle.com with suggestions.

    Update as of 8/30/06:
  • Registration has been automated (8/30/06)
  • Baseline values have been introduced
    This allows new users to enter their current exercise regimens and values. Previously, the system assumed new users all started their exercises at 0 from the first day. So, if you had been exercising and could do 10 push-ups when you registered, now you can get "Credit" for that ability without having to back-date your start up dates. Yep, that made no sense. Sorry.
  • Interface / Color scheme has changed (for the better?) (8/28/06)
  • Tri-annual schedules have been set up (8/21/06)
    These schedules are three 100-day cycles designed to help new / unregistered users track their regimens throughout the year.
  • More exercises are on the way (8/9/06)
  • Update as of 7/15/06:

  • Basic data structures defined below have been implemented
  • To Do

    1. Implement cumulative exercise support Done
    2. Complete profile update screen Done
    3. Copy update over to report, show last day/week/month entries/diary Done
    4. Add comment support to nav menus
    5. Generate graphs of past performance
    6. Allow for non-manual user creation
    7. Allow for non-manual exercise creation
    8. Allow for non-manual level-type creation

    Primary data bases

    Relational (Collating) Databases

    Sample Searches/Lookups

    1. To produce all exercises daily totals:
    2. To produce all activity within the last week:
    3. To show progress and compare to overall goal for a given exercise